Aroma facial reflexology & relaxation

In this 1-hour class we will focus on relaxing the body and mind. By being guided through a meditation you will experience a mini- facial reflexology treatment (Dien Chan Zone). Facial reflexology is a treatment of the face, which is similar to foot reflexology. Originated from Eastern medicine there are different pressure points / reflex zones, just like on the feet and hands, which are connected to certain systems in the body. Facial reflexology has very potent healing effects for back or neck pain, poor digestion, migraines, stress, hormonal imbalances and even mental or emotional conditions such as anxiety and depression. It calms the nervous system and put you in a mediative state. This will allow you to be more fully present and connect with your inner self. For the most people the  experience is soothing and relaxing. 
The aromas of the essential oils will also help you to relax and lift up your energy.
For closure of the class you also receive a 21-day self-care ritual to continue the benefits of facial reflexology.