Head, Neck & Shoulder massage fusion Relax Yoga


Hands on Stress gone!

In this 1-hour class we will focus on bringing the mind, body and spirit into balance. By being guided through a meditation ( the scientific benefits of meditation are plentiful it will rewire your brain for happiness and succes) you will experience a mini- shoulder & neck massage and facial & skull massage.
The main purpose of a neck & shoulder massage and a facial & skull massage is to experience a deeply calming, relaxing feeling. It will bring a feeling of increased energy, it eliminate tension, improve circulation on the face and neck area, concentration and revitalisation. The final half hour we focus on yin yoga postures. Yin encourages you to sit through the discomfort and is a great mind trainer, helping you deal with other discomfort in your life. Yin gently increases flexibility as it targets the (usually stiff) deep connective tissues between the muscles. In addition this class is an excellent stress buster and helps with a goodnight sleep.