Teacher training Face-lift yoga & massage

Do you want to become a Face-lift yoga teacher and learn new things about your face, to tone and shape your face. Then this training is something for you.
This training consist of 10 days, split into 2 weeks. The first half of the training starts on saturday the 8th of July until the 12th of July.
The second half starts monday the 26th of august until the 30th of august. The times are from 10:00 am until 16:00 pm.

What you can expect in the first week:
- we discuss the most important muscles, what their actions are and how you can design your own sequence of exercises.
-we will discuss all exercises per part, forehead, eyes, cheekbones, smile lines, jaw line, nose, lips and neck.

What you can expect the second week:
Information about: meridian massage, reflex zone massage, acupressure massage, connective tissue massage and classical massage. *1
- Practice with massage.
- Practice a lot so that you can teach yourself after these 2 weeks.
- 1 hour exam.

*1 example
All skin problems are to a certain extent related to the lung energy, together with the long intestine energy it is directly linked to the skin condition and other functions of the skin. The lungs regulate the appearance of the skin, scalp and bodyhair.
*2 example
Sagging or loose skin in a reflex zone means lack of activity in the connected organ. Using different massaging technique on the reflex zone stimulates the corresponding bodypart that is connected to that zone.

Costs: 2500, - (incl. VAT). I hereby offer you a great offer. If you pay the entire amount within 10 days you will receive a 20% discount. That means 2000, - and the amount must be in my account before the 20th of june. If you pay after 14 days you will receive a 10% discount, therefore 2250. And the amount must be in my account before the 25th of June. The conditions are that you do not get a refund in the event of cancellation, but you can follow a TTC face-lift yoga & massage at a different time in 2020. In 2020 I probably have the TTC face-lift yoga & massage in july and August (not decided yet). This offer will expire in 2020.

If you have more questions let me know.

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