Mini - Tibetan Healing Massage & relax yoga (Kum Nye)

Translated from Tibetan language Kum Nye means kneading the subtle body. The facial massage aims to open subtle channels, so that blood circulation and energy flow increase. If our body circulates enough energy, we experience fire and proper health in our lives. From the production of blood, to the production of hormones. Essentially, everything we need to build the body and experience happiness.

 Additionally, Kum Nye helps to see things as they truly are, so it becomes easier to deal with life´s issues. Blockages will come to the surface, which is the start of your transformation. Tibetan Healing Massage helps to preserve energy, relax and give strength to the body.

 Kum Nye is fused with Yin Asana practice to give the entire body opportunity to regenerate and the Yin poses will add to the healing and energizing properties of the massage. The class contains a 30-minute guided meditation (laying), followed by 30 minutes of restorative Yin Yoga while you will receive a facial massage. Take this time just for you and let this blend of Eastern traditions help you on the path to transformation, growth and healing.